Group member, Sharon Holzscherer, recently published her first novel, PATTERNS OF DISORDER.  Not only is this a big thing for her, it’s also a wonderful accomplishment for a member of our library group. We’re so proud of Sharon, and can’t wait until she is ready to release her next one!

51y22LEWRDL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_With an extensive background in education, and education reform, Sharon drew on her knowledge to create a suspenseful and action packed thriller. Here is the description on Amazon:

Are children just being active children or is there something more happening? Peter Marcus looks through volumes of data to find patterns. That is his job. But recently the pattern that is emerging has an ominous hue. Scientists studying aspects of childhood learning disabilities are being manipulated all over the world. Some are turning up dead. Pulled unwillingly from his secure lab isharon1nto a secret world of powerful forces, violent methods, and unlimited resources, Marcus is swept deeper into a nightmare. Patterns of Disorder illuminates the power of one person’s obsession and the dangerous unforeseen results. More than just a novel of murder and conspiracy, this book raises fundamental issues about the direction of humanity.


Recently, Sharon held a book launch at the Carleton Place Public Library, where she did a reading from the book, answered questions about the process, and signed books for delighted attendees. It was wonderful to hear all about the process of writing, through to the struggle to self-publish, and I know many from our group will be looking to her for answers when they are ready to publish their own works.


You can purchase a copy of PATTERNS OF DISORDER on Just click the link to be taken directly there. It’s a fascinating and exciting book, and as always, if you enjoy it, please leave a review!

This has been a great year for our writing group, and we hope to continue it with many more announcements like this book launch.


Welcome to July!

It’s here, it’s here! The CP Library Writers’ Group blog! Finally, after months of talking about it and planning, we have something to post about, and ideas for lots of future posts. The main thing we want our readers to know is that the Carleton Place Public Library has a vibrant and evolving writing group, and we’d love to have new members!

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It’s fitting that we’re posting this in July because it is one of our favourite months! Why? It’s Camp NaNoWriMo time! We started our library writing group after some community members showed interest in taking part in National Novel Writing Month during November about two years ago. There are a few writing groups in Carleton Place, but at the time, not many were active, and we thought offering this program at the library might be a great way to tie in books and an interest in writing.

If you’ve never heard of National Novel Writing Month, it is an international project that was started to unite people who had always wanted to write a book. The idea is to write 50,000 words in one month, which is a short novel, and a reasonable number of words to accomplish in thirty days. NaNoWriMo, as it’s now widely known, allows people from all over the world to connect through a website, plan events locally, and receive support to help them write a novel.  It takes a lot of time and effort to write something that long, and most of us tend to think we couldn’t accomplish such a thing with all of our busy lives. But as our group knows, it’s possible!

We participate in each version of National Novel Writing Month—November, and both Camp versions, April and July.  This month, we have several people working on projects by plotting, revising, or trying out new ideas. The CP Library Writers’ Group receive daily inspirational emails, and we meet once a week to discuss issues, brag about breakthroughs, and offer support. (We’re actually taking a bit of a break from our regular meetings this particular July, but come November, we’ll be back at it).

If you live in our community or the surrounding area and are interested in writing and participating in NaNoWriMo, we’d love to have you join. Drop us an email at and we’ll let you know when we’re meeting next.

As this month goes on, you’ll get to know our group as we’ll be featuring our bios. It’s a diverse group, with people writing memoirs, plays, mysteries, fantasy and more! See? You’d fit in perfectly with us!