About Heidi!

Heidi, one of the CP Library Writers' Group

NAME:  Heidi Sinnett

WHAT SHE WRITES: YA Contemporary mostly, lots of blog posts, and lists…lots and lots of lists.

HOW LONG HAS SHE BEEN WRITING?: Since she was a teenager, but more seriously in the last seven years.

WHEN DID SHE JOIN THE LIBRARY GROUP?: She founded the CP Library Writers Group when someone approached the library wanting to put a group together. As the children’s librarian, and someone who enjoys writing, it was a perfect solution.

HOW MANY TIMES HAS SHE PARTICIPATED IN CAMP NANOWRIMO, or NANOWRIMO? : Ummm…..once, officially. Love the concept of it, and being able to encourage others, but she can’t seem to keep up with the pace of actually DOING it.

HOW MANY BOOKS HAS SHE WRITTEN? OR HOW MANY PROJECTS HAS SHE COMPLETED?: She has just finished her sixth book, and her literary agent is shopping around the fifth. Will any of them see the light of day? To be continued…….

WANT TO KNOW SOMETHING INTERESTING ABOUT HEIDI?: Once, during a local ice storm, she was trapped in a building and used the fuse box to signal people on the outside to call for help! (This story doesn’t sound quite as exciting when you know that the reason she was trapped in the building was because she was using a working shower in a friend’s office building and accidentally locked herself in WITH the only set of keys. But, it was kind of cool coming up with the plan to flip the commercial building’s neon sign on and off to mimic the rescuer’s knock on the outside door to signal she was okay.)

WHAT IS HER CURRENT PROJECT?: A young adult sci-fi novel that involves artificial intelligence, wolves, and major surgery. And you wonder why she isn’t published yet!