Another little gem from one of our Carleton Place Writers, this time from Wayne Herrgott.




Here he comes again; his bowed legs describing his life.  He swings the blanket over my back and cinches bondage around my belly.  “Don’t put that torturous thing in my mouth.  You won’t need it now; I’ll be good.”  It hurts.


True to his experience, he flips onto my back.  I hate the burden, but don’t show it for fear of those spikes driving into my damaged flesh.  I’m cool man; see I’m calm.  Maybe if I move on my own he won’t need to injury me further.  God back don’t shake.  No!


Suddenly, it’s there! The pain makes me burst into rebellion.  I stand with my front legs straight and kick the innocent sky.  I’m going crazy with the pain.  It’s not me; it’s not the way I want of be.  But I can’t stop.  I have to eliminate this scourge on my back.  Let’s see if you can keep up, you Son of a Bitch; I’m going to change my bounds.  I can do it.  Ouch, man that hurt, but I’m out of there; you didn’t think I could do it did, let’s just see if you can stay on now.


How about a little ride through the bush, my sweety?  You bastard!  Watch out of the branch!  Oh I’m so sorry.   Happy trails amigo.


Happy trails to you, too!


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